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Bali Unite Sustainability Festival

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BPI is a supporter of the upcoming Bali Unite Music Festival in 31 July – 2 August, 2015. At the core of this event is a message about sustainable living in harmony with Nature. This film tells the story about the local Balinese community that remains largely uncontaminated by modern influences yet wishes to participate, on their own terms, in modern life. Together with Team Bali Unite, they are looking forward to hosting the festival and welcoming visitors from far and wide. We hope to be there, too – chillin’ with our man Mos Def 🙂

BPI Documentary Film Promo Reel 2015

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Sharing with you some of our best experiences making documentary films in Indonesia. We put A LOT of love into this baby, we hope you feel the love, too. Please support our work by liking and sharing this doco reel. Your feedback is very much appreciated! Thank you!

Peatlands in Indonesia, Beyond the Burning Issue

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Here is a film we made for the Indonesia Climate Change Center (ICCC) this summer. It illustrates the impacts of peatland degradation on people and environment and also shows what efforts are being made to help move the country toward a healthier future. Your feedback, as always, requested and appreciated. Thank you.

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