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Ibu Pertiwi Kalimantan (4K)

By September 26, 2019Uncategorized

Put on your headphones. Let a beloved Indonesian hymn transport you through the dramatic backdrop of Kalimantan in the haze of its peat fires.

Based on the lyrics of Ibu Pertiwi by Ismail Marzuki (the 1950s) and the melody of “What a Friend we have in Jesus” by Charles C. Converse (1868), Dayak artists Dede Syaer Sua and William Fernaldo Dika elevate this traditional song inspired by their motherland and the annual smoke season. This music video is our expression of love for Kalimantan, music, art, and the natural world we live in. May it move you in the way it has moved us. May we somehow change, together.

A film by PT Borneo Productions International