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Peatlands in Indonesia, Beyond the Burning Issue

By March 17, 2013November 4th, 2015Uncategorized

Here is a film we made for the Indonesia Climate Change Center (ICCC) this summer. It illustrates the impacts of peatland degradation on people and environment and also shows what efforts are being made to help move the country toward a healthier future. Your feedback, as always, requested and appreciated. Thank you.

film by Indonesia Climate Change Center (ICCC)
and PT. Borneo Productions International (BPI)

Exec. Prod: Immanuel Bryson-Haynes
Producer: Henny Fauziyah
Written, Directed and Narrated by: Bjorneo Live
Creative Direction and Edit: Pierce Vaughn
Camera: Bjorn Vaughn, Pierce Vaughn
Animation: Pantjal Moebals (andhika r – edwo – tatuk)

Special thanks to ICCC for friendly collaboration. Also special thank you to KFCP for free consultation.