Profile Films

A profile film is a powerful way to communicate your objectives. Typically, profile films are 5-10 minutes in duration, distributed online or on DVD, and are the hammer and nails of your marketing toolkit.

Documentary Films

We can support your documentary film project from concept to delivery. We can produce the whole project or take on a supporting function. We can manage logistics and also support with permits in Indonesia. We’re local, fully licensed and cheaper than flying in a crew. Get in touch!

Government & NGO’s

Communicate big ideas and affect behavior change, such is the power of a Public Service Announcement (PSA). We have produced PSAs for government and non-government agencies. Our United Nations “Don’t be Part of It“ Illegal Wildlife Trade PSA was screened on CNN International 12 times a day for almost a year. Let’s work together!

Stock Footage

Over the years, we have collected rare and hard-to-come-by stock footage: aerial footage, wildlife, people and culture, landscapes, city scapes, and more all in full HD. We now also offer 4K aerial footage.


BPI is currently developing several concepts for television, including Jungle Racer, Papa Hutan, Dr Desa and Dance around the Globe. BPI content is based on the philosophy of combining entertainment with education.